How to Write About A Niche You Know Nothing About

One of the hardest things for newbie affiliate marketers is writing about a product that they don’t know anything about.  I have often struggled with this problem especially when I was new to affiliate marketing.  You do research and find a great product, get all excited about it and then when it comes to writing articles, you find you are lost for words because you realise you know virtually nothing about the product.

Well one way to learn more about the product is to actually buy it, but unless its something you really want, this can be expensive.  So what can you do?

I always read the sales page, you will find a lot of useful information there.  Another good thing to do is to see if they have an affiliate program that you can join or at the very least an affiliate page where they provide banners, keywords and articles ideas.

Also if the sales page has a newsletter you can sign up for that too and will get lots of information from their emails.

Go to Ezine Articles and look under the category and then the subcategory of your topic.  You can then find the top authors and read some of their articles.  You can go to other article directories and do the same.  I find printing out articles and reading them off line is a good thing to do.

Just a word of warning, never, ever copy someone else’s article without crediting them for it and leaving their links intact.

So read other people’s articles to give you ideas on how to write your own original articles.

You can also visit forums and find out what problems people are having and think of how your product can solve their problems.  Finding out the problems people are having and the way your product can help them solve their problem is a good way to think about how to write your articles.

Once you start immersing yourself in your topic you will often find you are able to write about it very easily.  I often find time out away from the computer just relaxing is when I will have some good ideas.  The ideas will start coming to you, so always have a pen and paper handy to make notes.  If you don’t write down your ideas straight away it is highly likely the idea will go out of your head.

Some good advice that I was told was that writing good articles takes practice.  If you set aside a certain time every day and write something (even if you think its rubbish) for ten to 20 minutes and don’t stop until the time is up, don’t edit and don’t look at your work until the next day.

Make writing a regular practice every day and soon you will find your writing is improving.  Just try it out for yourself and you will see that it’s true.

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